The Power of a Click: How Liking and Sharing Propel Independent Music 

Hello music enthusiasts and fellow supporters of the arts! Today, I want to shed light on something simple yet incredibly impactful: the power of a click. In the vast digital landscape, your likes and shares play a pivotal role in shaping the journey of independent musicians like myself. Let's delve into how this small gesture can make a world of difference.

Visibility is Key

In the vast sea of content, visibility is everything. When you hit that 'like' button, you're not just acknowledging a post or a song…

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Welcome to my new website! 

Hello and welcome! I'm delighted to have you here. Whether you're a longtime supporter or just discovering my work, I'm grateful to share this space with you.

What to Expect: This website is a hub for all things Pat Goode music. Soon you'll find updates, music releases, and a glimpse into my artistic world. It's a place to connect, explore, and experience the creative journey together.

Join the Community: I invite you to join the community and stay updated on the latest news. Your presence adds to the…

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